About Us

At Global Homeshoring Inc., we enable companies to enhance the value of their relationships with customers. Our position as a member of customer management industry provides organizations in a wide variety of industries a quality of service through the utilization of advanced technology and professional home-based workers

Our company consists of an array of experienced professionals in the field of customer care, business to business process and business support services which gave us the edge amongst our contemporaries. At Global Homeshoring Inc., we excel because of our clear understanding of specific business needs and we deliver because of our unmatched experience and dedication to solving everyday business challenges in different areas of expertise.

Improved business sales and services vis-à-vis reduced cost is an undisputed universal goal. At Global Homeshoring Inc., we have developed an efficient solution that enhances business process results at reduced cost. Almost unrealistic? With the virtual call center set up, it is absolutely real.

How It Works

Today’s highly developed and advanced technologies allow home-based workers to be fully integrated and closely monitored as agents sitting in a premise based contact center. Through the use of accurate control measures, thorough reporting and advance security tools, home-based Agents can now maintain client’s standards, making it completely imperceptible to the client’s customers.

Advantages of Home-based Workers

Our expanded professional labor resource and the flexibility of telecommuting enable us to provide better qualified agents that result in:Decreased absenteeism

  • Decreased attrition
  • Satisfied customers
  • Ability to manage unforeseen call spikes and staff undesirable time slots
  • Disaster recovery capabilities

Benefits to the Clients

These advantages typically extend to you with:

  • Shorter wait and handle times
  • Improved quality and customer service
  • Enhanced business continuity
  • Increased operational performance.